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alcoholism: Another expression for alcohol dependence: A Long-term, progressive ailment characterised by excessive and infrequently compulsive ingesting, impaired Handle about drinking, usage of alcohol Inspite of adverse outcomes, and withdrawal signs and symptoms when Alcoholic beverages use is discontinued. Often called alcoholism.

Can a blood clot variety days following touring? I'd a D-Dimer examination and extremely-seem the day afer driving 1200 miles, but still have soreness in my calf.

Our assets will help you with almost everything from looking at to notice-getting, and time management to tests.

agnosia: A exceptional condition where an individual are unable to identify objects, styles, or people today. Frequently because of a brain or neurological problem.

a temper dysfunction Formerly termed “manic-depressive sickness.” Bipolar problem is characterized by extreme alterations in temper.

Not Every person by using a DVT needs direct clot-dissolving therapy. Anticoagulants, together with help stockings to lessen swelling and make improvements to blood movement, are sufficient for many people.

a substance that counteracts or nullifies the Organic results of another, for instance a compound that binds into a receptor but isn't going to elicit a biological response.

antiseptic: Substances used on wounds to avoid or handle infection; they destroy or gradual the growth of sickness-creating organisms, which include bacteria, about the surface of the human body.

atherosclerosis: The buildup of fatty deposits (plaque) in the walls of arteries, leading to narrowing and minimized blood circulation; the sickness answerable for most heart assaults and several strokes.

age-associated macular degeneration: A most likely blinding issue that destroys sharp central vision.

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carbohydrate counting: Retaining track with the grams of carbohydrates eaten so as to Manage pounds.

brain stem: The A part informative post of the brain that connects the brain with the spinal wire and controls motion, sensation, and reflexes.

Workplace techniques that commence in Silicon Valley typically unfold to other industries — like open Business office arrangements, and yoga lessons. In spite of its name these days, the tech industry could at some point turn into a model for other industries.

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